General background to education in Romania

The education system is managed at national level by the Ministry of National Education (MEN). In the execution of its specific responsibilities, the Ministry of National Education cooperates at central level with other ministries and institutional structures subordinated to the Government.

The general legal framework for the organisation, administration andprovision of education in Romania is established through the Constitutionthe National Education Law – a fundamental law, ordinary laws and governmental ordinances. Specific procedures and regulations are established through Government Decisions and Orders of the Ministry of National Education.

Basic principles with regard to the education in Romania are established by the Constitution, Chapter II “Fundamental rights and liberties”, Article 32 “Right to education”.

Full detail of the Romanian system is now held on the EU's Eurypedia website.


Holocaust, citizenship and human rights

The teaching of the Holocaust, citizenship and human rights is not a compulsory part of the school curriculum in Romania. However, some encouragement is given by the Government to have the subjects covered as a coherent whole.

The EU is gearing up in the next few years to focus on Citizenship which will provide a further impetus.

The National Institute for Holocaust Studies "Elie Wiesel" is accredited by the Ministry to provide a training programme for certain teachers covering the Holocaust and the combatting of racism and xenophobia.