Ernő Tibor

(1884 - 1945)

Asociatia Tikvah is a not-for-profit Holocaust remembrance and human rights organisation.

Oradea has been a vibrant centre of Jewish life and culture which was cruelly cut short by the Holocaust. We must ensure that the memories of those people and their lives are not lost for ever.

We want to support young people in understanding, recognising and dealing with the causes of intolerance, injustice and inhumanity. We want Asociatia Tikvah to be a force for growing trust, friendship and a common approach to humanity and community.

Tikvah means hope and that makes us a forward-looking organisation.

All our work is:

Well-researched and evaluated. We search worldwide for learning materials that may be used in a local context.

Inclusive. We want to support and assist Jewish descendants to trace the lives of their families in Oradea, but at the same time we want to join with other faith, ethnic or civil society groups to promote a common sense of community. We want to work in partnerships.

Participatory and sharing. We want to engage directly with people and motivate them; not be academic or distant in our approach. We want our learning to be shared so that others may benefit if they so choose.

We do this by:

        -Conceiving, researching, preparing and taking mobile exhibitions into schools and explaining the relevance of past events and the dangers of propaganda, prejudice and discrimination.

       -Raising awareness of the presence, contribution and fate of the Jewish population of Oradea (and encouraging authorities to recognise and commemorate) through memorials, guides, publications, exhibitions and online activity.

-Researching archives and contemporary literature to build a picture of Jewish life in Oradea before the Holocaust.

-Assisting educationalists who teach about the Holocaust and human rights with resources and encouraging education authorities to include Holocaust teaching in the curriculum.

        -Joining with other groups to promote community cohesion.

        -Enabling Jewish descendants to trace evidence of the lives of their families in the city of Oradea.