Asociatia Tikvah is grateful to its funders for their monetary help since our formation:


 Claims Conference*

 Andrew Balint Charitable Trust

 Anne Frank House

 The Bernard Charitable Trust

 British Embassy in Bucharest

 Embassy of Canada in Bucharest

 Embassy of the United States in Bucharest

 International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance

 Joods Humanitair Fonds

 The Memorial Library

 Netherlands Embassy in Bucharest

 Oradea City Council






Asociatia Tikvah was established with contributions from the founding members who continue to make monthly donations.

 In addition, a number of individual donations have been gratefully received, from (in alphabetical order):


        -John Andrews, United Kingdom

        -Zvi Feine, Israel

        -Jochen Frickel, Germany

       -Robert J. Friedman, USA

       -Susan Geroe, USA

        -Albert Herskovits, United Kingdom    

        -Idit Klein, USA 

 -Suri Mandel (family of), USA

 -Jane Marton, Australia

 -Viviana Negru, Romania

 -Nussbacher ( family) , Brazil

 -Alain Pajor, France

 -Amitai Pollak, Israel

 -Szedő Miklós, Hungary

  -Erika Szenasi, Canada

        -Robert Winkler, USA


The donors for the Memorial " Eva Heyman, 1931 Oradea- 1944 Auschwitz" unveiled on 15th of October 2015:


Andrews, John, UK


Brodie, Cheryl and David,UK


Comunitatea Evreilor Mesianici, Oradea


Episcopia Greco-Catolica, Oradea


Episcopia Catolica, Oradea


Families Mozes, Terez and Gabor, Israel


Families Maurer, Friedman, Buchalter, Israel and USA


Families of children of Pajor Erno, France


Feine, Zvi, Israel


Geroe, Susan, USA 


Hercz, Amos, Canada


Herskovits, Alfred, UK


Jewish Distribution Committee, USA


Klein, Idit, USA 


Mozes, Alfred, USA


Stern, Peter and family, Oradea


Szenasi, Erika, Canada


Tavaszi, Hajnal, Oradea


Todd, Victoria, UK


The  creating of the statue up to the phase before casting has been a pro bono work by sculptor Flor Kent.

The documentations required to obtain the authorisations for the Memorial have been prepared pro bono by architect Emodi Tamas..

The team of Asociatia Tikvah has worked for the Memorial project, on a volunteer basis, between 2012 and 2015.


Anyone who might wish to assist Asociatia Tikvah to accomplish its mission is encouraged to read our Help us section of the website.