Memorial for Eva

- Memorial Eva Heyman, 1931 Oradea-1944 Auschwitz, in the memory of Jewish children deported from Oradea to Auschwitz-

Back in 2010: 

It is the intention of Asociatia Tikvah to promote the story of Eva Heyman and to erect a statue of Eva as a representative of all the children of Oradea who suffered or died due to the events of 1944. The statue would be placed in Balcescu Park (the park from which the deportations to Auschwitz took place).

We started the work in 2012...

We have had a positive response from Oradea Local Council who have approved the concept in principle and the location of the statue.

We have had extensive pro bono help from the architect, Emődi Tamás, for which we are extremely grateful. All work to date has been done by volunteers.

There are many hurdles to overcome before the statue becomes a reality, but we have the agreement of prominent sculptor Flor Kent to create a unique statue of Eva, pro bono, should we be able to raise funds for the materials.

We are hoping to complete the project in 2015.

...we unveiled the Memorial in 2015

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